Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We achieve the goal through the excellent logistics organization and the support of highly qualified management and engineering personnel.

FKL always meets our demands. They are supplying us for a long period of time keeping a stable service quality level we can trust in!

Ing. Vladimír Cingroš ml.

SMS CZ s.r.o., Czech Republic


Our company “DIAS” LLC is engaged in the production of a tillage machinery. We use FKL items for all models and modifications of our machines with no exception. FKL bearings cover 90% of our equipment. FKL hubs the rest of 10%. In Russian market of the bearings FKL has the best “price-quality” ratio.

Mr. Kurnosov Valeriy Anatolievich

Deputy CEO DIAS LLC, Russia

Item 100% in accordance with the order, identical holes, very easy assembly. It remains to be seen if the lifespan is the same as the competitive brands.

Mr. Denis Tailliart

Farmer from France


Price and quality satisfy, but the main advantage is a constant availability of required units on the stock. I also want to note a wide range of bearing seals for bearing units.

Mr. Rychka Iurii Vitalevich

Farmer from Russia

FKL bearing unit PL-7520 has been proven very reilable. After five seasons it still works without any problems.

Bojan Baraković

Owner of Agria doo, Serbia


FKL is a great brand and since I am using their products I realised that the lifespan is longer.

Mr. Rubén Holguera Prieto

Dealer from Spain

No claims for FKL’s IL50 hubs after 50k hectares onto our big disc harrow machines. It is great solution for independent discs.

Samata Gheorghe

Acasam s.r.l., Romania


FKL units meet highest customers needs of the market nowadays. I have many years of experience in agriculture. Since I have switched to FKL hubs the performance of my machines became very stable.

Mr. Negrea Cristian Maglas

Farmer from Romania

FKL bearing unit LEFN 210 2PC.H considers ductile iron housings along with the unique sealing sistem. It meets the highest market requirements and helps us to improve the quality of our machines. As users of FKL Agro Point hub IL50 we can express our satisfaction regarding the following:

  • quality of intergrated bearing
  • the flange that requires no maintance.
  • proven to work without any problem in the toughest conditions
  • meets the highest standards of our premium subcontractor from France

FKL bearings are permanently lubricated. It reflects on maintenance non necessity as well as in time and money saving. They provide a long lifespan and perfect performances.

Doc. Dr Savo Bojić

Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Agrucultural Engeneering, Machine designer, Miraž doo, Serbia


FKL provides very good technical support and new engineering solutions that meets modern design of agriculture machines.

Mr. Ganea Gheorghe

SC Artecom s.r.l., Romania

We use only FKL bearings. FKL is the best because it produces certified bearings of a high quality. That is why we trust them 100%. FKL bearing is worth the money invested.

Mr. Mashentsev Evgenii Vladimirovich

CEO of Experimental production farm LUCH LLC, Russia


After I started to use FKL products I reduced rapidly stoppage, saved a lot of time and money.

Matei Eduard

Farmer from Romania