About us

FKL DOO Temerin is producer of rolling bearings and cardan shafts with tradition in production since 1961. Factory is located in Serbia at area covering 17 hectares. Production zone consists of two production plants in total area of 25.000 m2.

With strong focus on the agriculture industry, FKL develops and produces a comprehensive range of solutions for disc harrows, seeding machines, packer rollers, packer ballers, combines as well for the other types of agriculture machinery. By using of advanced lab and field tests FKL can guarantee that every single product is designed to operate from mild to harsh working conditions. FKL's highly skilled technical team is ready to meet all customer demands in order to provide them the most appropriate bearing solution.

Today FKL is being recognized as a high-quality bearing manufacturer all around the world with more than 200 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) references and with spreaded Distribution sales network worldwide.

History review


The factory was founded in 1961 as a Metalsmith service and production craft cooperative “Metalum”. At that time FKL was a forging parts producer applicable in agricultural and automotive industry.


The factory name “FKL” dates from 1965. Further factory development was focused on heat treatment, repairs, maintenance and the manufacturing improvement of the parts applicable in agricultural and automotive industry.


The production program has been completely switched to the rolling bearings and cardan shafts production.


The factory started the modernization of technical-technological capacities and focused on mass production.


Factory was relocated to the Industrial Zone of the city of Temerin. The new location covers 25.000 m2 with two production plants built on.


Transformation into a join stock company.


Starting cooperation with the leading bearing manufacturers in the world.


FKL implements the production of other sizes/types of bearings:

  • large size ball bearings
  • cylindrical bearings
  • double row spherical roller bearings


Factory modernization by improving the quality of grinding channels using own resources.


The privatization process has been initiated.


The focus of business strategy:

  • distribution network expansion
  • strong FKL brand promotion all over the world


FKL prioritizes the agricultural program.


The process of privatization has been completed . Today FKL is 100% privately owned.


FKL celebrates the sixtieth anniversary. The basic orientation of the factory to the agricultural program ranked the FKL brand among the high-quality brands, recognized on the market of agricultural bearings and bearing units.

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