FKL owns three certificates : ISO 9001 : 2015, ISO 14001 : 2015 and ISO 45001 : 2018

We also owns a certificate for the Laboratory for testing rolling bearings according to SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 (ISO/IEC 17025:2005).

All above stated certificates indicate that the way of the factory organization as well as all internal processes guarantee a high quality level of FKL products followed by procedures related to enviromental , health and safety protection.

The quality level of FKL products is based on following :

  • production
  • technology
  • long-term verified suppliers
  • skilled staff capable to develop new products quickly and efficiently
  • an organization that integrates FKL processes into one whole.

Quality control takes a very important role in FKL. It's activities covered by Input, Process and Final Control guarantee the products quality.

Thanks to the skilled staff and the available material resources, FKL Input control is capable to control critical parameters of all suppliers' products and to issue approval for production process. It's work is based on the Control plans and the Technical conditions of acceptance, defined and approved mutually with the supplier. Purchasing department specifically monitors suppliers' performance and orders materials as well as the tools used by suppliers only after they are approved by the Input control.

Process control is based on the following:

  • machines capacity and reliability
  • measuring equipment capacity and reliability
  • sampling control and 100% inspection
  • plant and workplaces cleanliness
  • approved production tools
  • scrap handling
  • material identifiaction
  • regular calibration of measuring equipment
  • measuring tools setting out of production process
  • continual improvement of all processes
  • personnel competency at all production levels
  • quality principles understanding
  • all employees familiar with the quality system
  • claims handled in a systematic way

For all typical products – products type , FKL has Process control plan for each production operation. The plans realization fully guarantees the quality level achievement defined by the specifications. Before the operation is launched the first piece verification should be performed. It implies the key parameters checking followed by issuing the approve to launch the operation. The operator uses measuring equipment adjusted in a special control department which guarantees ( in accordance to the procedure they use ) it's correctness as well as the correctness of the operation parameters controlling. The operator performs 100% inspection and he is responsible for the quality. Every hour he is checking 5 pcs entering data in XR card. This guarantees and approves the production process. The plant controller periodically controls the data from the XR card. If he finds any deviations, the supervision ( 100% measuring of all pcs the operatore has done ) will be applied.

In addition, all grinding machines have an active measurement ( 100% ) and it presents an additional guarantee of product quality.

During the assembling process ( inner ring, outer ring, balls ) 100% inspection of raceway diameter is preformed. It presents the additional form of control and pairing. Once the assembling process has been done the following parameters should be checked: radial clearance, vibrations as well as the grease quantity. It means that all main bearing parameters are included.

Final control covers the sampling process of each assembled bearing type. Based on the sampling results the control department issues a quality report for the lot. These reports are used to make periodic corrective measures and improvements.

During regular internal audits, the analysis of set goals and achieved results is performed, which leads to the improvement by calculating the stability of own processes and the stability of suppliers. This leads to the improvement of the system itself.