Risks management and protection of intellectual property

FKL systematically identifies, analyzes and assesses the risks and handles them throughout the process of Quality Management System ( QMS ), Environmental Management System ( EMS ) and Health and Safety Management System ( OHSAS ).

All these process are involved in the elements of the FKL organization and in the organization context respecting the needs and the expectations of interested parties (item 4.1 of this Rules of Procedure ).

This ensures the following:

  • the ability of Management System to provide the expected results
  • planning of effects of increasing the protection of production
  • prevention and reduction of the effects that might damage the product and the process quality.

It includes the involvement and the influence of external parties interested in handling of the environment, health and safety at work in order to achieve continuous improvement.

Identification, analysis and the assessment of risks and appropriate opportunities enables to plan the measures related to to those risks and opportunities. It also enables the following:

  • integration and implementation of planned measures in all business processes such as Quality Management System (QMS), the Environmental Management System (EMS) and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS)
  • evaluating the effectiveness of planned and implemented measures related to the risks and the opportunities.

Process of risk identification and risk management

FKL has defined the way of identifying and dealing with risks in processes. It includes:

a) Risks identification in processes:

  • connect the identified risks in processes with the products quality and avoid it's impact on the whole area by applying the Quality Management System (QMS)
  • identify the process owner and connect it with the individual risks

b) Treating the risks in process in order to:

  • prevent the risks in a way to avoid or reduce adverse effects, or
  • accept the risks if the acceptance is conditioned by opportunities ( chances ) for improvement

c) Obligation to re-identify periodically the risks in the processes . It helps to obtain the consistent, valid and comparable results regarding the applied measures related to the risks and the opportunities.

Identification of risks in process covers all processes in FKL company. Detailed provisions related to the identified risks and the way of dealing with the tasks are defined in the appropriate procedures for each specific process as well as in the document Q03SUK09 - Instruction related to process performance and process risk management.

Intellectual property

A special group of resources in FKL presents the intellectual property which includes the appropriate development and construction – technological product and documentation.

It is created by the ability of a large number of engineers who work every day to develop new products. FKL also has a Laboratory for testing. The laboratory provides the product lifespan testing and the simulation of working conditions. FKL puts the conformity marks on the products (CE mark). FKL protected all its knowledge with a patent and the trade mark.