Realizing the importance of preserving and improving the natural environment and health and safety at work, FKL has built into the implementation and management of its own processes mechanisms for environmental protection and health and safety at work. The application of them by all employees proves its full commitment and responsibility for attitude and positive impact on nature and attitude towards employees.

All employees, in accordance with the above commitments, accepted the provisions, procedures and measures established by the environmental management system and the occupational health and safety management system as their own standards of behavior in the workplace and the environment, and responsibility for the environment and safety at work and the need for continuous improvement, as one of the basic business priorities.

To this end, FKL will:

  • Subordinate its operations and constantly harmonize them with the binding, internationally accepted obligations in the field of environment and health and safety protection at work, stated in the adopted declarations, and especially in the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards,
  • Perform all its activities by contributing to the continuous improvement of the relationship with the environment and working conditions, consistently applying the environmental management system and the occupational health and safety management system,
  • Apply the relevant legal and other regulations that define the relationship with the environment and safety at work as a mandatory minimum, and constantly strive to establish new regulations that exceed these requirements,
  • Constantly identify critical activities in the processes, existing and potential negative impacts on the environment-environmental aspects and sources of danger to safety and health at work-risks, set realistic goals and implement programs to eliminate them or, at least, reduce them to acceptable limits,
  • Contribute to the conservation and renewables of resources and reduce the generation of waste of all kinds, control of consumption and application of materials suitable for recycling by planned savings of natural resources - raw materials, energy and water,
  • Educate all employees for the implementation of their own activities in a way that allows maximum preservation of the environment and safety at work, in accordance with the provisions of this policy and appropriate management systems,
  • Ensure full transparency in efforts to protect the environment and occupational health and safety, take into account the opinions and requests of stakeholders and take appropriate action, in accordance with its capabilities.

FKL will ensure that this Policy for Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Protection is available to all employees, all stakeholders and the public.