New Design of FKL box

Dear Sirs,

The basic principle of the FKL factory was the search for harmony in everything, so we decided that the growing quality of FKL bearings follows the quality of individual package in which bearings are delivered to our customers.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the new design of FKL box.


We have kept our recognizable color with additional matt effect to get a touch of luxury, as well as protection against surface damage, been firmer and to prevent leakage of grease on the surface, which contributes to the quality of the box. This firmer card provides better load capacity and safety during transport.

The new design of the box next to the recognizable blue color holds the label "MADE IN SERBIA", which clearly indicates the origin of the FKL bearings and year of establishment and ISO certificate, which indicates the quality of the bearings.

We are confident that the new box design to leave good impressions on you...




Da li Vam se sviđa novi sajt? Do you like new WEB presentation?

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Mogao bi da bude bolji/Could be better - 14%
Ne/No - 9.2%

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